Arctic Wolf's 2020 Security Operations Report:

A Deep-Dive into Details and Findings

Tuesday, Oct. 27th | 12pm ET, 9am PT

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Join Mark Manglicmot, Vice President of Security Services at Arctic Wolf, for this webinar where we’ll highlight the key trends and themes from our Annual Security Operations Report and provide actionable advice on how to advance your security operations capabilities.

You’ll also gain insight into how COVID-19 has increased the number of security operations challenges facing organizations, including: 

  • A 64 percent increase in phishing and ransomware attempts —Hackers have created new phishing lures around COVID-19 topics and modified traditional lures seeking to take advantage of remote workers.

  • Critical vulnerability (CVE) patch time has increased by 40 days—A combination of higher CVE volumes, more critical CVEs, and the emergence of a remote workforce has significantly slowed down the patching programs of some organizations.

  • Unsecured WiFi usage is up by over 240 percent—Remote workforces connecting to open and unsecured WiFi networks outside of the office or home are facing increased risks of malware exposure, credential theft, and browser session hijacking.

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Mark Manglicmot
Vice President Security Services
Matt Duench
Product Marketing Manager

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