Are You Secure? What You Need to
Know about the Top 5 Attack Vectors

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Arctic Wolf’s expert security team spends each day on the front lines of today’s cyberwars, protecting customers from cyberattacks in an increasingly dangerous threat landscape. As breaches occur with greater frequency, businesses of every size seek help to enhance their cybersecurity postures.

Know What You're Up Against.
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As in any battle, it’s critical to recognize the enemy and know what you’re up against. In this eBook, “Protecting Against the Top 5 Attack Vectors,” you’ll discover what our Concierge Security Engineers have found to be the most common cyberthreats to your data and sensitive information, and learn about

  • The modus operandi of each attack vector and how they seek to do harm
  • What effective counter-measures you can take to prevent these cyber attacks
  • Where in the cyber kill chain these attacks can be detected and stopped
  • Why a SOC-as-a-service solution is the best defense against such cyberattacks

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For organizations seeking a security operations center, Arctic Wolf’s AWN CyberSOC™ is the perfect solution. To do the equivalent internally would have cost us far more and taken many tmonths. AWN’s Concierge Security Engineer™ acts as extension of our IT team and provides a level of service that can only be described as incredible.
Larry Chapman, IT Manager, Trusource Labs

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