To SIEM or Not to SIEM

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Every organization—no matter the size—has data, network, IP, and other information to protect. When implemented well, SIEM (security information and event management) is a great tool that can identify threats, protect your information and keep your business secure.

But there’s a catch: a SIEM requires constant effort to sustain, and must be tweaked and monitored by expert staff. Otherwise, the SIEM will produce a slew of false positives, overwhelm analysts, and miss actual threats, thereby exposing the business.

Download this Paper to Discover why SIEM Can Be a Bad Choice for Mid-market Companies, Including:

  • Resources needed to manage a SIEM
  • The complexity associated with deploying, administering and operating a SIEM
  • The upfront cost of a SIEM—and hidden costs that appear later
  • The paper also explores SIEM alternatives, which can provide
    superior protection with reduced effort and costs.
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For organizations seeking a security operations center, Arctic Wolf’s AWN CyberSOC™ is the perfect solution. To do the equivalent internally would have cost us far more and taken many tmonths. AWN’s Concierge Security Engineer™ acts as extension of our IT team and provides a level of service that can only be described as incredible.
Larry Chapman, IT Manager, Trusource Labs

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