Managing Healthcare Security: 2019 Trends Report

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Security risks are the new normal for healthcare IT teams. 

Not only are hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and other healthcare providers valuable targets, they also have complicated IT infrastructure that’s difficult to secure.

In partnership with Canam Research, we surveyed healthcare IT and security professionals to learn what they consider their top cybersecurity-related challenges. Discover their top priorities and learn how to address them without losing focus on healthcare's core priority—providing quality patient care. 

In the Managing Healthcare Security 2019 Trends Report, you’ll take away key insights from healthcare IT leaders to identify gaps in your own security while also finding ways to improve your current strategy, including:

  • Why end-user behavior and phishing scams are among the biggest security concerns, and what your organization can do about it.
  • How to navigate issues of costs, coverage, and complexity in healthcare security.
  • Why more than 40% organizations didn't know what assets are on their network—and said they lack the time to check vulnerabilities on a regular basis.
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43% find it difficult to manage security devices and tools, while 24x7 security monitoring is the top challenge for 28% of organizations.
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