How Enterprises Are Attacking the Cybersecurity Problem

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Cyberthreats keep growing as business becomes increasingly digital and the attack surface expands. Today’s organizations recognize the dangers, and are ramping up their investment in cybersecurity solutions, hiring more security personnel, and developing risk-based strategies. But will it be enough to keep them secure?

Dark Reading’s report: “How Enterprises Are Attacking the Cybersecurity Problem” highlights the growth in year-over-year cybersecurity spending, and where enterprise firms are allocating their security investments and resources.

Among its survey results, the report found:

  • 40% of enterprises increased overall cybersecurity spending in 2018
  • 54% of enterprises suffered a malware breach within the past year
  • Increased sophistication of cyberthreats (60%) worried enterprises most
  • End-user negligence (61%) was the top reason for enterprise breaches

Discover more about what enterprises are doing to bolster their cybersecurity by downloading the full report.

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