Cybersecurity Dissonance:
Proof You’re Not as Safe as You Think You Are

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Most companies think they are safe because they do all the right things. They have a firewall, antivirus and other security products in place. But our survey of IT professionals shows that having the right products in place doesn't mean your company's safe.

The survey reveals that most IT pros struggle because their responsibilities are too broad. And that most security alerts aren't investigated in timely fashion. When every second counts, this can mean the difference between successful remediation and a devastating data breach.

Among the Survey's Findings:

  • 89% of surveyed companies think perimeter security products can combat all cyberthreats
  • 63% say they cannot stop zero-day threats
  • 77% of security alerts aren't investigated for at least one hour
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For organizations seeking a security operations center, Arctic Wolf’s AWN CyberSOC™ is the perfect solution. To do the equivalent internally would have cost us far more and taken many tmonths. AWN’s Concierge Security Engineer™ acts as extension of our IT team and provides a level of service that can only be described as incredible.
Larry Chapman, IT Manager, Trusource Labs

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