Cyber Risk Spotlight Report: 11 Metrics to Watch 

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A growing attack surface compounds today’s cyber risks.

As organizations implement new digital initiatives, adopt Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, and migrate to the cloud to drive innovation, they become increasingly exposed to dangerous cyberthreats.

While vulnerability management solutions seek to find defects in software that could lead to potential exploits, on their own they don’t provide complete visibility into your risk profile.

For truly effective risk management, IT teams need to identify and manage potential system misconfigurations (bad firewall rules, weak password controls, outdated software versions, etc.), and understand account takeover weaknesses that result from account credential exposures on breached systems.

In the Cyber Risk Spotlight Report, we outline 11 important metrics to watch to understand your organization's holistic risk profile, including:

  • Your organization's risk distribution by issue family
  •  Common processes and installations on your networks
  • Geographic location and categorization of your environment's assets
  • Risks prioritized by their ability to disrupt business operations
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“We needed proactive insight into what happens on our network. Arctic Wolf raises our level of security awareness and provides valuable support that helps us quickly investigate suspicious behavior."

Bruce McClure, Vice President and Manager of Information Systems, Planters Bank

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