Protect your organization with practical guidance and forward-thinking ideas from our team of elite team of security researchers, data scientists, and security developers.
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Protect your organization with practical guidance and forward-thinking ideas

By focusing on successful cyber attacks, we aim to:

  • Highlight which attack types are most responsible for severe incidents
    • This edition of the Arctic Wolf Labs Threat Report draws upon the first-hand experience of Arctic Wolf's security experts, augmented by research into the cybercrime ecosystem and additional credited data sources.
    • Most cyber attacks ultimately fail to achieve their goals — that is, for every incident that progresses to the actions on objectives stage, many others are stopped by layers of cybersecurity technologies, members of the workforce recognizing suspicious activity, or, as a last line of defense, by internal or third-party security personnel responding to alerts.
    • While there's value in studying how a combination of people, processes, and technology detected and stopped an intrusion earlier in the attack chain, this report directs its attention on cyber attacks that succeed — the ones in which a threat actor accomplishes their goals.

  • Uncover the TTPs that are allowing threat actors to evade detection long enough to damage and disrupt victims.
  • Raise awareness of the cybersecurity practices that are needed to prevent, detect, and recover from such incidents.
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